Forsyth Future Hat Trick:
Economic Growth
Community Development
& maybe NHL’s newest teammate.

Scoring big for Forsyth: championing economic prosperity, fostering vibrant community development, and the best shot at getting an NHL Team back in the region!

The Gathering: Forsyth's Premier Destination for NHL Excitement and Community Engagement

There is an opportunity to bring a National Hockey League (NHL) team back to Atlanta and have a major, professional sports team anchored entertainment complex that will be a +$2 billion overall investment in Forsyth County.  The County is considering an opportunity to support the construction of an arena that could become home to the NHLs newest team.

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The Gathering at South Forsyth: A New Era of Entertainment and Community

Introducing The Gathering:

Vernon Krause of Krause Auto Group has made a landmark investment in Forsyth County's future with the acquisition of a strategic site between Exit 12 and the new interchange on GA400 at McGinnis Ferry Road. This 100-acre tract, purchased for $53 million, is set to transform into an unparalleled entertainment complex named The Gathering, potentially anchored by an NHL franchise.

A Visionary Development:

The Gathering promises to be a cornerstone of excitement and community engagement, featuring:

A Commitment to Prosperity:

Forsyth County is poised to support The Gathering with a $390 million investment in the construction of the arena and its parking infrastructure, subject to the NHL awarding a franchise to the project. Ownership of the arena will reside with the county or a designated authority, while The Gathering will maintain full responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the venue.

Funding the Future:

The arena project's funding is designed to be repaid over 20 years through:

Ensuring Longevity:

The NHL team will enter a binding agreement to remain in Forsyth County for a minimum of 30 years or until the arena's financial obligations are fulfilled, ensuring long-term stability and commitment.

Confirmed Economic Benefits:

Independent studies by Ernst & Young and Center for Economic Development Research at the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute corroborate the substantial economic benefits of The Gathering, anchored by an NHL team, including:

Join us in envisioning The Gathering as the beating heart of Forsyth County—where community, entertainment, and economic vitality converge to create a legacy for generations to come.Join us in envisioning The Gathering as the beating heart of Forsyth